DJ Markk photo and video pre​sentations can add that extra element to your day that will have all of your guests involved from start to finish... Our signature screens can feature everything from music videos to your home videos and photos from your collections (digital OR print). All genres of music from Motown to modern day hits are featured in our library and YOU get to choose as many of the songs as you like - from a basic guideline of music range to selecting the EXACT music you want for your wedding day soundtrack - we can customize it according to your specific needs. Every wedding is as different as the guests who attend so we play the music that gets YOUR friends and family on the dance floor !​
As a wedding DJ in Connecticut and a wedding DJ inRhode Island, DJ Markk is one of the best in the field - CT wedding DJ's and
RI wedding DJ's are plentiful, and we continue to be a favorite among brides in New England.
Weddings are our specialty, bringing that unique ambiance to your special day that every bride and groom is looking for - from an intimate setting with background music to a larger wedding where interactive hosting is preferred, we can play as much of a role on your big day as you want! Our customer service  approach to the day ensures that all of your needs for the day are met, while still infusing our special brand of entertainment into the event..! 


  1. Ceremony System
  2. Premium Setup
  3. White Gold
  4. Double Gold
Previous Event Venues
Latitude 41
Mystic Marriott
Stonington Meadows
Groton Inn & Suites
Great Neck Country Club
Port N' Starboard
Wrights Mill Farm
St Clements Castle
Branford House
Anthony's Ocean View
Hilton Mystic
Norwich Inn & Spa
Saybrook Point Inn
Lake Of Isles
Saltwater Farm Vineyard
OUR MOST POPULAR FEATURE is the exclusive Photo Slide Show option, a real-time display of the event as it happens! Our pro photographer takes pictures of all of your guests and the special moments, and we display them on screens of your choice for all to enjoy. In this age of modern technology, many have found this to be a necessary addition to their wedding or party to keep the guests engaged! PLUS, you can take the pictures home on a flash drive to bring on the honeymoon or post to social media... the options are endless, availabe as a stand alone feature or part of the main set up... You decide!

Exclusive Photo Slide Show

Our Most Popular Feature​​